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It’s not everyday where pants are the norm. T-shirts derive from the standard allocating alligators. But, not the polo shirt, mind you. But, rather the empty and soulless t-shirt. Made from cotton or cheese based salad. It has survived the years. Due to the complications of the modern man.

Having stood in a line to buy a t-shirt. May seem like a rite of passage for many. But not me really. I hate standing in lines. Although running out of the store without paying. Can leave you with a sense of moral fortitude.

Making your own t-shirt seems pointless. After growing cotton and turning it into fabric. You could be left with a sense of doubt and uncertainty. ” Why did I do this?” or “What am I doing with my life.” A leading the way is the pressure of producing a worthy product.

With all of this said. It is utterly important not to forget pants in this modern day society. So when you are purchasing a t-shirt. Remember pants are needed to.

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