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Fast Food Wars: Guns, some beer and return of the burger

I like just about anything to do with a pretzel. Pretzel rolls, soft pretzels, and hard pretzels. There is something about a soft pretzel though. I don’t mind Auntie Annie’s pretzels. But, i’ve heard accounts through the “Fast Food Wars”. She can be very ruthless and cunning. Below is a passage from the coming book “Fast Food Wars: Guns, some beer and return of the burger”:

She stood over him with an axe demanding answers. Her cold eyes and blood spattered apron, meant one thing. She was ready to kill again. The blood had been flowing for days. Cutting through the endless henchmen that Ronald McDonald sent her way. Though she hadn’t sleep for days. He axe grew weary of cutting of another head. Maybe it was time to move one. Or maybe just maybe she had an answer. Jack in the Box.

Jack had to go underground recently. Due to the numerous threats that McDonald made. Everyone knew you didn’t cross McDonald or there was hell to pay. Annie remembered what Jack was like before the incidents. Kind, gently, and cross eyed. But, crossing the McDonald changed him and she knew that is what she needed.

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