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I got this from some emphasis sister’s blog (and I quote):
Now, if I may be serious for a moment (which usually means I won’t be serious)….
What is the craziest of bat shit, ape shit and/or clown shit crazy?
I’d have to say clown-shit crazy.It’s from a human, comes with confetti, streamers, balloons and a shot of seltzer. That’s just too crazy.
Second would be ape-shit crazy. Here we must take into account that a gorilla is an ape, not just chimps and such. They also eat meat. Stinky.
Last would be bat-shit crazy. Think about the size of a bat. OK. If you think of the largest bat, the flying fox, it’s about the size of a mid-range dog but with wings. It eats plants and fruits. Not so stinky. Most bats are small to tiny and are either fruit bats or insectivores (some do eat larger prey).
So there you have my dissertation of the various forms of crazy. Thanks.

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