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Spiro Shapiro

When I was looking for more pictures of the rallycross, I came across this post on a BMW site:
irish44j: Looks like a full event with quite a different group of cars than we usually have at Summit. The usual subies will be there in force, of course, but other interesting cars on the sign-up list include a 2012 maxima, a Cooper S, a Buick Regal, an old Celica Supra, a Grand Marquis, Honda Element (??), several Neons and Civics, and an NX2000.

And this on a Subaru rallycross site:
mhoerath: best parts were beers at troegs and campfire and 5 hrs sleep sat night and having a buick and a grand marquis run and set decent times was a 1st.

See? Everybody loves Spike!

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