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Bathrooms at Preseason football games still shitty

As the start of a new football season is upon us. Many fans are finding the ” same old, same old” at stadiums. ” It looked like a shit fan was sprayed everywhere!” exclaimed Marty Witz. Outside the bathrooms at Ralph Wilson Stadium. ” We come to these games spending our hard earned money. The last thing you want is to dodge a shit storm.”.

Usually you only have to put up with piss everywhere. But, this is on the verge of a national tragedy. Could it be people are hogs? We talked to Henry Toolet of the NFL’s bathroom division. “We have noticed the problem and have set forth team of people. To look at this matter and put in place a remedy. So, for now shut up and deal with it.” he told us.

Well that sums it up it folks. Please shit anywhere you want in the stadiums. Enjoy and watch your step.

Oh yeah!!! Let it go!

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