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Reasonable Thinking

I have been in Manhattan. The last couple weeks and for some reason. When I head out to eat or whatever. People seem to be everywhere. It’s very small thinking. From the other places I’ve been and normally where I live. Nothing really stays open late. Besides bars, Wal-marts, and gas stations. Or you get the rogue McDonalds. That stays open for 24 hours. To accommodate drunks and stoners.

There are people that don’t like big cities. Be it the noise or anything else. But, for me. I get some satisfaction. Knowing I don’t have to start my night till 11. Or one block smells really good. Then the next one smells of shit and piss. Their is a level of enjoyment for me. Subways, aren’t to bad. They are clean and easiest way to get around. I still wouldn’t suggest riding one at one in the morning. But, that’s your choice.

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