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My Dog is a Nazi

You know, I used to think that southerners were just like any other Americans. They talked a little funny, and didn’t have quite the same view of that whole “march to the sea” thing as I do, but my opinion of them was generally positive.
But now, through the power of COUNTRY MUSIC, I realize that southerners are actually brittle arrogant pricks who think they’re better than everybody else because they’re poor, have no education, and hate anyone who is the least bit different from them. Entitled jerkoffs who think less of everybody else because they perceive that we think lowly of them (when, in fact, those of us who don’t listen to country music don’t think lowly of them. We don’t think of them at all. We have our own lives to live, goddamnit!)
Who do they think they are, anyway? Gangsta rappers?

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