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Registration/DMV/Mouth Breathers

Took my van to get inspected and found out the registration expired a last month. Oh well, a trip to the DMV was in store. I can remember the days of old. When someone talked about going to the DMV. It was a trip to hell and a entire day. I will give them credit. The process is streamlined and we were in and out in 15 minutes.

After, this was done. We stopped in the driver license area. I would hate to paint with broad strokes.It needs to be done though. Their were a lot of mouth breathers there. I am not sure if these people. Can even function to operate a car. Doesn’t it make you feel better. Knowing that they will be driving?

On a side note. Maybe heading the HP this week. I will be doing some on the road reporting. Who doesn’t love the smell of feet and ass?

I am your new leader!!!!!!

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