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Taking a beating or meeting

Yes, I am in a training class. Will I remember all this stuff. Who knows? It’s after lunch and I cannot focus.

Have you ever notice that superheros never go shopping. You just don’s see it happening. I mean they would have to wouldn’t they? At least grocery shopping or shopping for a birthday. If you invite a superhero to your party. Does he or she make it about themselves. Constantly saying ” I may have to leave. In case of emergency”.

What if the superhero drinks to much at the party. They get hammered and pass out on the floor. Then someone is robbing a bank. But, they lay on the floor passed out. These are important items to consider. I personally don’t know any superheros. If I did. I am sure these issue’s would pop up. From time to time.

Summer is here:

Amusement parks are in full operating force. The water parks have humans everywhere. The smell of ass and feet are presence in these places. If you have kids or a pleasure for beatings. More than likely you could wind up there. In this area we have a place called Hershey Park. Which isn’t bad. But, like all of these places. If you go on a Friday or Saturday. Enjoy the your long waits in line. What better to do on a Saturday. Then stand in line with your family for a hours. Who says Americans don’t spend time with their family’s.

Your probably thinking I would be recommending other places to visit. I am not a travel guide. You have internet access. Do your own research you lazy bastard!

Summer Games:

Video games are a popular form of human entertainment. They take you away from your life and provide you with some fulfillment. That’s what my kids say anyway. Who has the time today to listen to anyone? I can’t be concerned with that.

Cookouts or Grilling:

Nothing goes better together than alcohol and fire. Nothing ever bad can happen. I have heard that charcoal grills have made a comeback. Really? What a pain in the ass. I remember them as a kid and everyone demanded gas. Riots and full scale hot dog invasions over this. If you go to a party and someone has a charcoal grill out. I am sure they will say ” Hey, look at this. Screw gas we are going old school”. You tip that grill over and tell them “This is America! Cook with gas or my foot in your ass!!”.


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