The Aggressive Couch

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| December 6, 2015

Can I get this for Christmas? Only $375!


| December 5, 2015

MY BOTTLE OF A1 POULTRY SAUCE FROM 1987 HAS ARRIVED!!!! — Dinosaur Dracula (@DinosaurDracula) December 5, 2015

Who’s Dead This Week

| December 4, 2015

Scott Weiland! I saw 3 or 4 posts on Facebook about how much they loved STP, and how much Scott Weiland meant to them. I made a mental joke about “I didn’t realize he just died,” without actually realizing he just did die. Do I win some kind of prize?

Bob Eats Pies!

| December 3, 2015 “The ones where it’s like soggy oatmeal cookies pressed together with the foam in the middle,” he explains.

Pumpersnickle and Humps

| December 1, 2015