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What’s So Funny About Shaving A Penguin

| September 16, 2015

I think I found out why the Beagle’s lights were flashing – the connector that goes to the headlight switch is completely cooked! Fortunately, I found a suitable replacement online. So I am now up to $75 in parts or repairs for 7 years of ownership (not counting general maintenance stuff like brake pads or […]

Strangely Poignant

| September 15, 2015

Help Me, Augie Ben Doggie

| September 14, 2015

I remember when I dropped my Sex Pistols cassette and broke it. I found that: 1: It was held together with screws 2: Van Halen’s 5150 was also held together with screws 3: Van Halen’s 5150 sucked as bad as I remembered So I took both apart and put the reels from the Sex Pistols […]

Flame Out on Route 0

| September 13, 2015

Stealing other people’s ideas, part XXIV3.VX 1/2 What horror movie should be made into a series? Uuuuh, I don’t know. What long dormant horror franchise should be brought back? Uhm, I have no idea. Student Bodies? The film, not the TV show. What is the lamest candy to give out at Halloween? I hated Sugar […]

Bike Like Mike

| September 11, 2015

Just when I thought it was dead, I get TWO people coming to look at my trailer house this week.

Snake Pockets

| September 9, 2015

Unhinge your jaw and eat one today!

File Under: Corn Knuckle

| September 8, 2015

Remember the Poster Children? I hope not!

Stealing Other People’s Ideas. By Dave, age 39.

| September 7, 2015

Purple Stuff Podcast: Hallowe’en Marathon The things I would run on a Haloweeeen marathon: The video for Pet Semetary by the Ramones. All of the videos by the Cramps. The Hallowen episode of Cookin’ Cheap. Or the one where Larry tried to cook the spoiled duck. The video for Pet Semetary by the Ramones. The […]

I Had To See If It Was Pie!

| September 5, 2015

Music Videos

| September 3, 2015

Apparently everyone wants to see me post to music videos on Fucktube!