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DIY Gifts

| May 12, 2015

Wow! Great pic, and maybe you can read the article! I didn’t. I just looked at the pictures. I have cameras like that.

Monday Evening Breakfast Cereal

| May 11, 2015

I think I have gotten everything I can from the new Goat Simulator DLC, Goatz. Now I need to wait until somebody else shows me how to do all the other crap.

Taste My Rainbow

| May 10, 2015

Another Guitar Couch update! DeArmond M75! T!

Sweater Meat

| May 9, 2015

I finished Michelle’s birthday present. Her birthday was last week. But the switches weren’t here!

Miscellaneous A-Nes

| May 7, 2015

When I started Goatz, I was afraid that it would be an actual “game”. Fortunately, the game part is fully optional. Good! I love the pointless open-world explore-em-up. Plastic hair and dead chihuahuas!

Ashcan Wastebasket

| May 6, 2015

Big, big testing news! I spent most of this morning testing a connector. Then, when I was done, I post-processed the data. And then, I – you’re not gonna believe this – I sent the data to the engineer that requested the testing! Then I worked on a PCB. Life just can’t get any more […]

Inside the Mind of Dr. Maggot

| May 5, 2015

Hmm, the Archers of Loaf have a new live album coming out, but only on vinyl so fuck ’em. Instead, preview the new Goat Simulator DLC coming later this week.  

Sword and Magic Helmet

| May 4, 2015

Since today is Quatro de Mayo, I will regale you with my own personal Star Wars memories. I remember seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater. In fact, I think I saw it 2 or 3 times in the theater. It was really good! Oh! Also, I had a bunch of the toys! My […]

Suck On This, Pappy

| May 3, 2015

Telecaster on the Guitar Couch! Telecaster on the Guitar Couch!

Crotch Awl

| May 2, 2015

A site with a few decent articles about reducing stress by way of reducing junk: Becoming Minimalist. Fuck excess consumerism! And my sister sent me the link. The woman who can’t even find her pool table underneath the piles of old art supplies and records that haven’t been played since the Bush administration. The first […]