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Lord Karnage…

| March 19, 2015

Lord Karnage has reviewed the ultimate Commodore console… the CD32!

Chum Is So Chumpy You Could Carve It

| March 18, 2015

I bought the Seasons expansion pack for the Sims 3, so I’m back to playing it. I know you care!

Get In The Van

| March 17, 2015

I’ve managed to go since Friday without playing the Sims 3. Because I’ve been playing Cities Skylines. But it doesn’t hold my attention the way the Sims 3 does. After a couple of hours, I find myself longing for human interaction, forcing me to tease C. Turtle until he cries.

Porky Brewster

| March 16, 2015

I donated blood today. Geico wasn’t there.

Cum On Feed The Noid

| March 15, 2015

First guitar is up on the Guitar Couch!

Yank Yer Whammy

| March 14, 2015

I have taken pics of the first few guitars for the Guitar Couch!

Go Fuck Yourself With A Hamdinger

| March 13, 2015

Hopefully I can get into my driveway this weekend and take pics for the Guitar Couch.

Friends Of The Road

| March 12, 2015

Seems awfully gun-obsessed for a bunch of Canadians. Maybe Toby Urban or Keith Somethingorother could cover it. Hey – Shania Twane! Maybe I’ll link to something by the Dwarves tomorrow.

Deadmann Attacked By Robots!

| March 11, 2015

My sim, Deadmann McCrush, was attacked by 7 SimBots and kicked out of the house! Here he is, going to work naked. He is a High School Principal!

What The Tits?

| March 10, 2015

I panicked when I saw the shipping notice that my new hard disk was left on the porch Friday. I did not have it! Then I saw that it was the hard drive case that was left here. I do have that. The hard drive is in the warehouse, being rained in. This boring post […]