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Enter Penis

| January 21, 2014

I am sorry for not posting yesterday. I had reverse scurvy. Ever have one of those days when you get off work three hours early, come home, eat leftover pizza, fall asleep, and then dream you broke the nail on your pinkie finger deep inside the quick? And it looked sort of like when you […]

You Fail Facebook!

| January 19, 2014

From now on, I am treating Facebook like a party. Anybody who brings up: – Politics – Religion – Celebrities – Whining …gets shot! 🙂 Exceptions will be made if it is genuinely funny.

Football Fox Predicts!

| January 18, 2014

Hello, I am Football Fox. I am here to predict the winner of the World Series of Football, the Superbowl! I am not afraid of making bold predictions at a time like this, so here goes: The Baltimore Ravens will make it three for three this year! They will beat the Miami Penguins, the Chicago […]

Stanger Bangers

| January 17, 2014

If you are enjoying the Super Bowl this weekend. Please to enjoy the left over beer from Saturday and the summer sausage from last winter.

Something Heavy This Way Comes

| January 16, 2014

The Return of Bootleg VHS Tapes? Cast Iron Hula Hoops? An Uncensored Look at THOSE Cartoons? Next time on the The Couch! Probably next week. Or tomorrow. But not the week after.

Spaghetti and Mashrooms

| January 15, 2014

Taking a break from workin’ on the robot to catch up on my Proust.

What Is Your Quest

| January 14, 2014

I haven’t been following the Christie story due to rampant apathy, but it appears to me to be a classic case of “Mistakes were made… but not by me!”

Consumer Grade Misfits

| January 13, 2014

Is the tractor paint I sprayed on that vise ever going to fully harden?

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn. Too Small for My Feet!

| January 12, 2014

After that useless bit of information, here is Dino Drac!  

Ass Pounders

| January 11, 2014

How can this guy not turn into Hulk and destroy the dealership. Hit the link