The Aggressive Couch

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It’s The Thought That Counts

| November 22, 2013

I am going out tomorrow to enjoy cake and pants. I hope they have a giant inflatable comb!

It’s Like A Punch Bowl For Eggs

| November 21, 2013

The bowling alley by my house is still for sale, and Christmas is only two days away!

I Guess I Have To Slug You

| November 20, 2013

Don’t listen to what those damn doctors tell you. I don’t know how I got sick, or how all that black rubber got into my stomach. I DID NOT try to eat the tires off my Camaro!

Freedom Through Chewwwy

| November 19, 2013

My god, I remember these! I know I had at least one. The tires were very chewy.

Scruggs Style What

| November 18, 2013

Say what you will about my house, but I have the Camaro from M.A.S.K. with the tires chewed off!

Racing Beagles

| November 17, 2013

I came in first.

I Want Wendy’s

| November 16, 2013

I want Wendy’s, and I’ll be driving right past one on my way to Tractor Supply Company. But I need to save room in my stomach for the glorious pizza feast this afternoon! That’s it, I’m going to shit the bed.

The Aggressive Couch VCR Game!

| November 15, 2013

Uses for obsolete tech. From five years ago!

YouTube Is Like RedTube For Non-Porn

| November 14, 2013

YouseTubes is working today. And I just ordered a new keyboard and mouse. It was either that or put these in the dishwasher. I also got some “passive 3D” polarized lenses. They will help me see the fish!

Thank You, Tube!

| November 13, 2013

Thanks, YouTube, for cutting off all my favorite Commodore 64 review videos!