The Aggressive Couch

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Beagle Surgery

| August 21, 2013

I am performing surgery on Spike, the silver beagle. Apparently it is a “cashendectomy”.


| August 20, 2013

So I walked 3.5 miles today, with a “spongy” feeling knee and a blister on my right foot. Fuck you, nature!

I Can’t Take You Anywhere

| August 19, 2013

David Wong usually comes off as a poor man’s John Cheese, but this time he’s right, across the board.

What’s Wrong With This Pitcher

| August 18, 2013

I’m wearing the finish off my old table with my arm. But not on purpose! Maybe if I serfed the net one-handed?

It’s The Smell That Knocks ‘Em Out

| August 16, 2013

Spike still isn’t running right. I popped the hood, and everything looks OK to me.

Rhymes with FANG

| August 15, 2013

Life is empty and meaningless without TANG! And… I JUST BOUGHT THE LAST CASE! You wont be able to get any until the supermarket restocks, probably within the hour! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!   BTW, what is Tang, anyway?

We Be Toys

| August 14, 2013

Don’t you hate it when you come up with a million dollar idea (using DC to turn electric guitar pickup polepieces into electro-magnets to vary the magnetic flux and therefore the tone) but it’s already been patented? In 1976? By a company that makes JAZZ pickups? Bleugh!

Look! Did You See That? Everybody’s DEAD!

| August 13, 2013

Kidnapping and ransoming is so much easier with Bitcoin! I use it for all my heists! NOW YOU CAN TOO!

Freelancing Mule

| August 12, 2013

Here’s something useful: Build an all-in one retro game console for $35, plus ordinary things you find around the house (like an old keyboard and a mouse).

The York Explodatorium

| August 10, 2013

The Springfield Bowling Alley is FOR SALE! A steal at #350,000. Shall we buy it? Arjsd sdlkjlfsejd sefkilfslm jsfejojoesf, jkejkefs joidsljsdf oijrsfjfdsnsrno!