The Aggressive Couch

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Magic Busss

| July 20, 2013

I hear cicadas! Finally! But I still haven’t seen any.

Not Since the Heady Days of Dinosaur Detective Agency…

| July 19, 2013

It’s Dinosaur Dracula!

Call Me a Stuffed Rabbit

| July 18, 2013

I got my new speakers today! For the Fender Twin! Details forthcoming.


| July 17, 2013

There is no worse way to spend a sick day than being sick.

Dammit, Let’s Have Sex!

| July 15, 2013

Strat with Jaguar pickup.


| July 14, 2013

I watched an episode of “Hotbox”. Not bad, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again.

Cartoon Character Names to Avoid

| July 13, 2013

Do NOT call your new animated cartoon fish “Albert”.


| July 12, 2013

If you use a hair dryer to melt a potpourri candle over the shield claw of your Jaguar pickup, it won’t squeal, even when you lean over the Twin to turn up the volume.

Crunch Tone

| July 11, 2013

7.5, 7.5, 1.5, 0, reverb to taste. Try it with a Fender Twin! It feels like somebody jammed an icepick into my ear!

Australia Is Just A Cheap Ripoff of Austria

| July 10, 2013