The Aggressive Couch

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Chock Full O’Monkeys

| May 21, 2013

This is almost as much fun as the time I ran a bus full of nuns off the road! (Just kidding. It was full of puppies). Mongrels

Hulu Puns Invite Death

| May 20, 2013

I re-rediscovered Hulu just now. I watched one episode of the British ripoff of :How It’s Made”, which was actually better than Discovery’s own ripoff of it. Almost as good as HIM itself. Now I’m browsing the “Music” section. They had a Radiohead concert, which I would watch only if CJ Ramone comes out on […]

Spotted Dick

| May 20, 2013

I want to make a long post about Garanimals, but I can’t remember anything about them. I do remember that if you wire the wrong top with the wrong bottom, trained winged monkeys would break down the door of your school and mock you.

Balls Deep in Pudding

| May 19, 2013

First fish! Didn’t take a picture. Deal with it.

Naked APES thanks hunkey

| May 18, 2013

iF YOU ASK me that well trained aped is nice to us

Flat Bearing Day

| May 18, 2013

I mashed a bearing when pounding it into my rear. Nurse!

Not Your Unusual So And So

| May 17, 2013

Where is my walking cane with the built-in Swiss Army Knife?

Flat Reptile Week

| May 16, 2013

This is flat reptile week. So far, I have seen a flat turtle and a flat garter snake. Tomorrow I am hoping for a crocodile or a Republican, or perhaps a Kardashian.

Layla! Guitar, guitar, guitar

| May 15, 2013

My aunt D**** S** B********** said that she never reads this site because I never put up any personal details. Fine. Here is what I did today. I woke up to my new phone’s pussy alarm. I need to change that, I thought. I brushed my teeth, packed my lunch and went to work. I […]

Hit the Sauce! It Said Unkind Things About Your Refrigerator

| May 14, 2013

I miss the Kamikaze Refrigerators. Ok, I only heard one of their songs, and it wasn’t all that great, but it was interesting enough for me to try to hear more. Anybody? Hey! On YouTube! Interesting…