The Aggressive Couch

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Wild Water Wafers

| April 20, 2013

Tonight, I am become Death, destroyer of worlds!

Double Penetration

| April 19, 2013

Why do I keep thinking it’s Saturday? Oh yeah, I took today off.

Saturday Morning

| April 18, 2013

The news is true! They’re bringing back my favorite cartoon for another season – Henry and Ottis!

Horses Have Problems Drinking Beverage

| April 17, 2013

It’s Never As Good as Seen on TV

| April 16, 2013

All day long my mouth was watering over the barbecue chicken I was going to make tonight. And then it really watered as I made it! Right up until I tasted it. Oh, it was good, but only about 7.823% better than “Hot Pockets”.

What’s This Red Stuff

| April 15, 2013

Where does the bread go when you make toast? Or have I already made that joke?

Joe King

| April 14, 2013

People are saying that Windows 8 is Vista 2.0. I think that’s being a bit hard on Windows Vista.

I Don’t Think Asians Are Stereotyped Enough

| April 13, 2013

I got my high-tech “Paper-Books” delivered by the latest “US Postal Service” network! Carrol Smith: Tune to Win, Prepare to Win, and Drive to Win. Apparently Carol Channing’s “Win to Win” was out of print.

Perfect Country and Western Song

| April 12, 2013

In honor of Judge Judy, here is the world’s most perfect country and western song.


| April 11, 2013

Yahoo! is one celebrity headline away from making my DTM list.