The Aggressive Couch

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Now To Drop Gracefully Through the Windshield

| March 22, 2013

Know what I found in the preamp section of the Sherwood receiver I broke apart? NJR 4560Ds! Bonus day or what!

Glue Factory

| March 21, 2013

Hey look! You can use VFDs as vacuum tube amps! Look out Sonic!

Throat Shoving

| March 20, 2013

The next time you are at McDonald’s and want something a little different. You can order the Monster Mac from the secret menu. Can we just live our lives? Then dealing with another menu. Apparently, most of fast food restaurants have a secret menu. I just find it annoying. So, the next time your at […]

You old Battle Axe!

| March 19, 2013

30 years ago today Weird Al released his first album. Feeling old yet? I was surprised at first. But given the amount of time that has passed. It really makes sense.

Aggressive Staph Infection

| March 17, 2013

Is it possible to modify a 1977 Fender Musicmaster to have a “Contour Body”? The P90 and 3 way switch were easy enough.

Hook that sum bitch up!

| March 15, 2013

So, the next generation of consoles will be hitting the shelves in the next few months. New plastation and Sexbox 1420 or something. But, is there really a need? Besides savages who will want to have the latest and greatest. Is anyone really clamoring? Besides some dudes on the gaming websites. Do people really want […]

Why Do You Think They Call It Pope?

| March 14, 2013

Whooah! Whoooah!

Passed Over Again?

| March 13, 2013

Well, I guess all of us on the Couch were disappointed today that we weren’t elected Pope. Goddamnit, that’s the second fucking time I’ve been passed over! I think it’s an age-ism thing. That and the fact that I’m not Catholic. Or Christian. Or a believer, for that matter.

I Had One Of Those!

| March 11, 2013

Now you can too. Holy cow.

Gorbachev Sings Tractors!

| March 10, 2013

I’m off to the land of Tractors Upply Copmany. Anybody want anything?