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Wait! What?

| February 16, 2013

I found Gas Huffer – One Inch Masters buried under a birdbath. Suitably inspired by “Mr. Sudbuster”, I cleaned my stove. For the first time. Since I moved in in 2005. Hallaleujew! So, in celebration, here is the worst song me and Ron did I found on cassette yet:

Red Rock Cookies

| February 15, 2013

Songs for Rabbits!

It’s the Possum Lodge Word Game!

| February 14, 2013

The word is “Love” Red: Ok, Dalton. What is the point of Valentine’s Day? Dalton: Oh, I’m with you there 100%, Red


| February 12, 2013

I found the presumed lost original master tapes to Massive Balls’ third album, Lick Are Balls hidden under a garden gnome! Norr: Vocals, “Steel Reinforced Neck” acoustic guitar D.V.: “Terminator” electric guitar, vocals Doug: Boxes

Very Rare

| February 11, 2013

Hey! I dis-assembled the Washburn and put the usable parts onto a cheap body from Guitarfetish! Isn’t that very impressive? BTW, that’s the old pickguard off your Strat, Harry. If you see it in person you’ll know why I recommended ordering the new pickguard instead of routing out the old one (hint – there’s a […]

The Meat Punch Is Like A Hole Punch For Meat

| February 10, 2013

I’m going to reblog something by the guy who writes the Garfield TV show again:

Sprocket und Whirligig

| February 9, 2013

Striving to be the best doesn’t work when you’re a serial killer.

Open Source Penis

| February 7, 2013

Have you ever noticed that the ringing in your ears never sounds in tune?

Why Did I Swallow That 3/8″ Socket?

| February 6, 2013

Don’t you hate it when you get a song you don’t like stuck in your head? Especially if it isn’t even very catchy, like “Skunk Birch Buggy” or “Zip Zap What Wombat” or “All Right Now”.

Crap! I Didn’t Know It Wasn’t Loaded!

| February 5, 2013

If you wanna drive, don’t drive the white horse – drive the white beagle. Back to Spike tomorrow. Who knows!