The Aggressive Couch

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Supertouch Shitfit

| June 14, 2012

Do you know who did the song “Supertouch Shitfit?” Well, good for you! I’m going to go to the garage to huff some primer.

I Like Eating In My Car

| June 12, 2012

Driving through a restaurant is so convenient. Wait, what was I saying? Oh yes. I’m glad to see that we’ve started calling the face-eating bath salts guy a cannibal rather than a zombie. How do you, the public feel about this? Do you agree that this is good or do you think this is a […]

A case of rotten eggs

| June 11, 2012

Thanks to hammer for eating all the cheese. If you ask screwdriver none of this makes sense. Chewing down local philosophy at the sausage factory. These are the questions that will plague screwdriver. To put forth an effort to remind everyone your a dick. Just doesn’t make sense does it? I will continue to blow […]

When Wiring Your Garage…

| June 9, 2012

…who needs building codes when you’ve got T-Rex?

Leftovers and Store Made Sangwich

| June 8, 2012

I am going to take a nap. And you can’t do anything about it!

Wither the Spooné

| June 7, 2012

Ron wanted to record a Couch tonite but I’m going over to somebody else’s house for dinner in a half hour or so (hint: it’s Mitt Romney). So we were going to do a half-couch or something. But then Ron got delayed in traffic coming home from his flight from Baltimore in to Baltimore and […]

Why not

| June 6, 2012

Groin Punch

| June 6, 2012

The oven is full of oven roasted turkey. The fireplace filled with gasoline. The promise of baked goods fills empty stomachs. This is not a circumstance of convictions. But, rather a delusion of hot dogs.

Ribeye Roast Sesame Street

| June 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I linked to my sister’s web comic. Maybe she’ll link to the Couch? Maybe we can get her do do one? We could also invite Russ but if he shows up I take back everything bad I ever said about zombies.

Aggressive Couch 60: The Passion and the Anger

| June 4, 2012

So, we’re back on track, fed, refueled, and rested. That moose we hit is but a distant memory. So we didn’t really have any topics this week. Ron rarely brings any and Dave was just surprised that Ron even showed up. And Marguerette was new to this. As a teaser, we discussed the Whites […]