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I Need Help

| May 19, 2012

Can someone tell me which is better, FuckBook, FucBook, or FcukBook? I only have money for one! Before I plunk down my life savings on an account (all $27 worth) I need to know which is the best. I’d hate to think my money was wasted on an obvious scam targeting naive lonely perverts who […]

And Another One Bites the Turnip

| May 18, 2012

This is one of the first CDs I ripped, so the quality was crap. Well worth re-ripping. My least favorite Elvis Hitler album, though.

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| May 16, 2012

Has it come to this? Another CD I dug up. The X-Rays! – Double Godzilla with Cheese I was hesitant to even drag this out. Glad I did – It was better than I remembered. Lots of songs about American muscle cars from British guys who’ve probably never even seen one let alone owned one. […]


| May 15, 2012

Hocuscadabra! ADDers do something called ‘hyperfocusing’. Yes, sometimes I really really really overdo something, like that time I told you about where I spent over 4 hours trying to figure out who did this song I heard once back in the 80’s and sort of liked, until I tracked it down and realized it sucked […]

Hamilton Hamster Has “The Shakes”

| May 11, 2012

I think I need to look in to this:

I Hope I’m Not Too Early!

| May 10, 2012

I was wondering when this was going to be released on DVD. It already was… five years ago. Norr and I were in the audience, see. With Jon. Our then-drummer. Who ruined everything by moving to Hawaii with Nicole Bankert.

Fresh From the Grave

| May 9, 2012

I dug out a few more old CDs here on the Couch. They weren’t in the mini-storage, though. They were in the garage. It isn’t that good. Better than their first. But it isn’t the one with You and your Parrot on it. So I’d give it a C.

Aggressive Couch Joins Kickstarter

| May 8, 2012

Well, no, not really. But I signed up to provide $26 bucks for this.

We’re On the Amtrack to Heck

| May 8, 2012

By popular demand we’re registered and payed up for another year! Well, we will be once they charge my account. But I set it up so they can. This means you can pay me for this year any time now Norr. And you can pay me for last year too. I’ll consider trades. Maybe get […]

Sparlent Fempign

| May 6, 2012

I think we should re-record all our songs as power ballads. Hey Norr, did you find the Sitfasts ADATs yet? Did you even look for them?