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Xramp Down Batman

| March 18, 2012

Well, today I got a late start, so I didn’t really get much done. I hung my 3G antenna outside, put my summer wheels on the Regal, and installed the GM Performance Parts sway bars. I worked from 11:00 to around 8:00. And I was upset that I didn’t get more done! I need to […]

A Kick In the Groin or Clean My Sink

| March 16, 2012

So I just finished playing Carmageddon 1. I can sort of see why a few people might prefer it to the sequel. I don’t. The second game had flaws, but it’s like I traded a Harley for a moped. The first game just feels unfinished – the cars handle like pigs, there’s no ‘missions’ to […]

Enter To Win

| March 15, 2012

The Flour Song! Again! I just said “to hell with it” and used all the bass tracks.

Puberty Gold

| March 14, 2012

I got the tires on. Yay. And I took out the trash and removed my Regal’s fog lights so I can seal them with caulk. Then I played Carmageddon. Big night!

Hey Kids! Drink Bleach

| March 13, 2012

Why I suddenly remembered this song (and just HAD to hear it) is beyond me. I recall hearing it once or twice back in the day, and that’s it. But a few minutes ago I got a real hankerin’ for just another band from east LA.

Like An Ingrown Nostril

| March 12, 2012

Don’t you hate when a formerly good web site stops updating? Run Off Groove only updates maybe once a year, the New Zealand pulse jet guy hasn’t updated since 2009, “Racer Downloads” fizzled out in 2006, and Lots O’Content disappeared around 1996 or so.

This Almost Makes Me Want a TV

| March 11, 2012

The Aquabats! Super Show!

Interlude with Lazy

| March 10, 2012

I have the buzzy version of Hydrangia finished. But I don’t feel like downloading the FTP software to upload it. Maybe tomorrow. And hey – I adjusted the “action” and “bridge height” on Jon’s “bass” so it won’t buzz “as” badly. My annual daylight savings manifesto: Why don’t we just keep it year round? In […]

What! Oh No

| March 9, 2012

I discovered that my “SG” (for “sounds good?”) is a 70s model. I can tell because the pickup selector switch doesn’t line up with the tailpiece. Also, it may be a late 70s model because it is a “Special” with full sized humbuckers instead of mini-humbuckers.

Floor Hot Dogs

| March 8, 2012

When preparing a meal. I like to take my time and put some effort into it. 4 hours later The joke and reality about hot dogs they are lips and assholes. Possibly a hint of boot. 2 hours later “Are you going to make dinner.” Captain Jerkface asks. 13 minutes later I throw a package […]